Game Expansions

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Many board games offer game expansions to help extend the life of a playing experience that has gotten old. After awhile, everyone has already heard all the answers to all the questions, and the game just isn't a challenge anymore. With the addition of a booster pack comes the possibility to offer expansions as well that add an even greater dimension to the extension of a game's life.

Game Expansions: A Whole New Game

One of the best aspects of booster packs that offer game expansions is that it adds new life to a game in such a way so as to make it feel almost like a whole new product. Cranium for example, offers booster packs that add varying elements to the game play to make it more fun and interesting. Where before you might have had to make a player guess a word by drawing it, now you have to do so with your eyes closed as well.

Brave New Worlds

Fantasy board games also offer game expansion options that allow players to use different characters and visit new locations. Again, this make the gaming experience feel fresh, which is an easy but very clever way to give a person the most out of their gaming investment.

Trivial Pursuit also makes extensive booster pack expansions to its gaming repertoire, which is important for a game that relies so heavily on knowing the answers to questions. Some of these expansions take the form of entirely new editions, focusing on a particular area of interest like, Lord of the Rings.

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