Hullabaloo Game

Written by Michael O'Brien
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The Hullabaloo game is an incredibly fun experience made by the people who created Cranium. Everything this company puts out is great. Cranium is the best game ever. Conga is another of my favorites. Hullabaloo is soon to be another classic.

The Hullabaloo Game Basics

Hullabaloo is sort of a Twister meets Simon Says type of game. Players lay out Hullabaloo pads. The game console instructs players to jump on a red shape, slide on a square shape, or hop to a shape with an animal on it. It's high energy and full of surprises.

Good Training

Kids love the Hullabaloo game. It's a great way for small children to learn shapes and colors. It has a fun, interactive quality to it that will keep people wanting to play over and over. Instead of sitting, kids get up and move around for exercise, which is an added bonus.

Kids have to listen closely to the directions, which is good training for them as well. They also learn coordination as they must quickly move in response to the directions given. It's a great game for a birthday party because it's so easy to learn and incredibly fun to play.

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