Ice Breaker Games

Written by Michael O'Brien
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My wife and I entertain a lot, so ice breaker games are a must. It's taken a while to learn the ins and outs of party throwing. If you're having people over who don't know each other, or if you're introducing new folks into the group, it's important to have a good social game. Partygoers need to feel comfortable immediately.

Loaded Questions is one of the best ice breaker games. Playing the Loaded Question Game is a great way to show how much you know your friends, and to get to know them better. New people are invited to open up about themselves, and they get to know the group.

Icy Ice Breaker Games

Another great ice breaker is Don't Break the Ice. This is a simple balancing game. Players have an ice pick and must break away pieces of ice without letting them all fall. Tensions mount as the ice gets closer and closer to breaking.

Breaking and Balancing

Jenga is another one of the best ice breaker games. It's easy to learn, but difficult to win. Players have to have a good eye and excellent sense of balance. Truth or Dare Jenga adds a spicy element to this classic that provides an excellent way to get to know the other people you're playing with.

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