Interactive Trivia Dvd Games

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Interactive trivia DVD games are one of the best ideas to come along in a long time. Board games are always fun, but by adding a high tech element of visual and auditory stimulation, the game becomes infinitely more interesting. Why simply read a question about a movie or song when you can see it and hear it?

Interactive Trivia DVD Games Suggestions

One of the best Interactive Trivia DVD games my family has ever played is Scene It DVD. In it, players answer trivia questions that are asked on screen and watch movie clips associated with the cinema-based trivia questions. The game even includes on screen puzzles just to make things more fair to non film buffs.

Trivial Pursuits

Trivial Pursuit also makes a similar DVD interactive game that combines visual images and music with the board game to enhance the overall playing experience. Trivial Pursuit is a wonderful game, but it's been around for so many years that it's hard to keep things fresh. The addition of DVD multimedia interactivity is the perfect way to breathe new life into this classic.

The possibilities seem endless for trivia DVD games. I look forward to future games which take advantage of the medium even further. Can you imagine a game like Encore where you could actually watch and sing to your favorite music videos? The sky is the limit for DVD interactive versions of classic board games.

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