Journey To The Wild Divine

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Journey to the Wild Divine is an extremely unique gaming experience. Many self help books try to teach people ways to cope with some of the stresses and pressure of everyday life, and to be more at peace with themselves. By opening the mind to resist the limitations we and our environment all impose upon us, we can learn to be more creative and happy. For the first time, an interactive game for the PC attempts to accomplish this same goal.

Take a Journey to the Wild Divine

In the game, players take a Journey to the Wild Divine. Wild divine is a beautiful place that players explore and interact with to achieve certain goals. This game has a look and feel similar to Myst or Cyberia in that players mostly "hang out" in this wonderful, lovely world.

Billed as an "Inner Active" game, the challenges of the Wild Divine involve players exploring their inner selves to try and achieve greater balance and peace. Players are asked to think in new directions as pearls of wisdom are introduced and characters present puzzles and questions that help the player explore ideas they may have never considered. The idea is to inspire and awaken the creative spirit we have in all of us.

No Joysticks Here

This DVD ROM game has some interesting accessories, including bio feedback rings that are worn on the fingers and a "Light Stone" energy transmitter. The game even provides a virtual mentor and offers breathing exercises to make the experience that much more complete.

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