Movie Scene Game

Written by Michael O'Brien
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We got the Scene It DVD movie scene game as a present last Christmas, and it was one of the greatest we've ever gotten. I had never heard of it, nor had I ever played a trivia game other than the "I'll ask you the question, then you ask me the question" type. The interaction with the DVD is what made all the difference.

Movie Scene Game: High Tech Fun

The Scene It Movie Scene game includes 2,400 card questions and a DVD with 600 DVD questions in six categories: Television, Movies, Music, Sports, Buzz, and Fads. The playing pieces include a mix tape, cell phone, Atari joystick and a lava lamp. Instead of just answering trivia questions, you get asked by the DVD and you get to see movie clips.

There are also puzzles on the DVD, like unscrambling words. Some of the DVD questions allow for more than one player to participate. The most fun is when everyone gets to yell out the answer together.

Good Timing

The only complaint was that there wasn't more packed into the Scene It game DVD. We look forward to future editions that are sure to have more movie clips. Play time is good. The game took about an hour and a half to finish, which to me is a perfect amount of time. By then, we'd digested dinner and were ready for dessert.

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