Music Trivia Games

Written by Michael O'Brien
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There are quite a large number of music trivia games on the market. I've played one by VH1 that was all about the music and videos of the 1980s. A game like that can really take you back. Recalling the music that defined your youth can be one of the most fun ways to enjoy spending time with family and friends. It almost made me miss my mullet.

A Choice of Music Trivia Games

Another one of the great music trivia games is For the Record. This one covers the 80s and the 90s. This game is most fun when played in teams. Everyone usually has a different area of expertise. Some people know lyrics. Others may be better with artists or album names. The more minds involved, the more fun the game is.


A different kind of music trivia game is Encore. This game is hilarious. There's not just one right answer. In fact, you have to come up with as many right answers as possible in order to score points.

With Encore, you get a topic or a word. Your team then has to come up with as many songs that somehow include that topic or word. This is an excellent ice breaker and party game. It's different every time you play.

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