Party Game Ideas

Written by Michael O'Brien
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One of the best party game ideas ever created is one called Cranium. Cranium is like four games in one. Depending on where you land, you might answer a trivia question, unscramble words, make an object out of clay, or do an impression of a celebrity. No matter who you play with, Cranium is one of the most incredibly enjoyable party game ideas you can come up with.

Play Isn't Trivial

Trivial Pursuit is always another one of the better party games. I like playing the twentieth anniversary edition, because I feel like I have a chance at answering the questions. The great thing about Trivial Pursuit is that you can buy versions that focus on one subject. I've had a good time with the Lord of the Rings game.

Life of the Party Game Ideas

Scattergories is a fast-moving word game that always livens up a party. You get a category list and you roll a die to get a letter. You then have to come up with words that fit the category and that begin with the chosen letter. It's so rushed that it's always funny what people come up with.

Encore is enjoyable, especially if you have outgoing friends. To me, the louder, the better. In Encore, you get a word or phrase and have to sing songs that have that word or phrase in it. It's not only fun to reminisce about the songs, but to have good-natured arguments over whether or not the songs are actually real.

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