Scene It Dvd Board Game

Written by Michael O'Brien
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I don't know how I lived without the Scene It DVD board game for so long. Of course, I had to live without it before DVDs were invented. It's just such a mainstay at our family games nights, I can't imagine being without it. It gives movie trivia a whole new spin.

Winner for Best Movie Trivia: Scene It DVD Board Game!

It's fun to play trivia games. My personal favorite area of trivia is movies. I love all movies from silent to foreign to big budget special effects. My whole family loves movies too, which is what makes this game such a crowd pleaser.

A great way to experience movies is by answering trivia questions about your favorites. That way, you see who really knows their stuff. The Scene It DVD board game takes this process to a higher level. Instead of just answering questions that other players ask, you get to interact with a DVD

More than Just Trivia

The DVD shows movie clips. It also offers on-screen challenges and puzzles to solve. It adds interesting visual and auditory elements to trivia game playing. The interaction with the DVD makes this game one of the most fun and innovative our family has ever played.

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The single player FFA modes are gonna be sooo sick!