Table Top Games

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Before they discovered table top games, I used to be pretty concerned about the amount of time my kids spent watching TV and playing video games. It seems like a national epidemic of kids not leaving the house and being "zoned out" in front of the tube. Luckily, someone gave us Cranium a few years ago. We played as a family and have enjoyed board games ever since.

Fun Table Top Games

Cranium is a great time that's really more like four games in one. It loosens us up so much when we play. I used to be so embarrassed if I drew a card where I had to act something out or do an impression, but it's so funny you can't help but love it.

Trivial Pursuit is really fun to play with as a family. I find it's good to pair up a parent with a child, as the kids know a lot about the latest culture and the parents can help out with the "old people" stuff. The latest 20th anniversary edition has been pretty worn out at our house. It's got questions that go back only to 1980, when the game came out.

No End in Sight

There are tons of fun new table top games out, but classics like chess and backgammon are still fun to play. What kids don't notice is that they are usually learning while they play. It's a great break from the television set.

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