Teen Dvd Trivia Games

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Trivial Pursuit makes one of the greatest pop culture teen DVD trivia games. It takes "Trivial Pursuit" to a whole new level. In these high tech times, teens have other choices than just video games. This game has a fun high tech aspect, but teens aren't just staring at a TV screen for hours on end.

The Fun of Teen DVD Trivia Games

The DVD offers a new aspect to the traditional Trivial Pursuit experience. Questions are presented on the DVD. The DVD also offers other puzzles to solve. It brings a fun new dimension to DVD trivia games.

When a player lands on a color and is eligible for a wedge of pie, all players with that color wedge get a shot at getting the wedge. This is a great new aspect to the game. Also, folks with the color wedge will get it taken away if they shout out the answer. It's a fun test of self-control.

Limitless Potential

This is an excellent game to play in teams. The kids are actually thinking and interacting with each other, instead of just staring at the TV playing video games. Most of all, they're having fun, so they'll keep playing. The potential for new types of Teen DVD trivia games like this seems limitless. I look forward to seeing it take off and expand even further as a new gaming experience.

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