Two Player Card Games

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Few things are more fun than two player card games. They are easy to learn, they travel well, and best of all, they're a great excuse for hanging out and having long conversations.

Classic Two Player Card Games

There are some great classic two player card games. You'll remember names like Go Fish and Crazy Eights. There are also a lot of specialty deck card games that are fun, like Uno and Phase Ten. You can't play these games with a regular deck of cards, but the deck is inexpensive.

Milles Bornes is a French card game. Players are on a road trip where they have to overcome obstacles like flat tires and running out of gas. The luck of the draw plays a factor, but sometimes it's your opponent giving you a flat tire or making you run out of gas. You move forward as you play milestones and the first one to a thousand miles wins.

Wordy New Card Game

A fun, neat, word card game is Quiddler. This is a sort of Scrabble meets Rummy kind of game. Players try to spell the longest word or the most words in a hand. The real challenge is getting rid of the remaining card you're holding.

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