Valentine Gifts For Guys

Written by Michael O'Brien
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What make good Valentine's gifts for guys? I'm always looking for something new and different to get my wife for Valentine's Day. Flowers and candy were fine for a while. Then jewelry was good, but she can only wear so many rings and necklaces. Finally, I got the hint when she started buying me games.

An Innovative Valentine Gifts for Guys

Board games make great Valentine gifts for guys. I never would have thought so, until I was given Cranium a few years ago. The great thing is that you have a present you can share with the giver. In fact, we got our whole family to join in and it was fun for everyone.

There are romantic games you could give as Valentine gifts. My wife and I have played Romantic Rendezvous, and that was fun. In these romance games, the goal is less to win, and more to get closer, learn about, and experience your partner. They usually have you do things like answer intimate questions, share fantasies, hug, and kiss.

Classic Guy Games

Some great "guy" games are Battleship, Stratego and Risk. Another really interesting strategy game is Axis and Allies Europe. If your guy grew up playing Risk, he'll love this similar new game. If your guy likes Lord of the Rings, there's about a million versions of games with this theme too.

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