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2 Plus 4 Fuel Conditioner

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Fuel conditioners like the 2 plus 4 fuel conditioner can help protect your engine from falling into disrepair. Over the course of a long winter, build-up in the fuel system can occur, and lead to problems down the road. The 2 plus 4 fuel conditioner, part of the Evinrude/Johnson line of fuel treatments, can help keep any 2- or 4-cycle engine free of build up.

As gasoline sits in an engine, it will age, and some of the gasoline will develop into gum deposits and varnish. As the gum, carbon, and varnish builds up on the internal components of the engine, performance decreases, and damage to the engine can occur. Various kinds of fuel additives can prevent gum and varnish build-ups.

Using 2 Plus 4 Fuel Conditioner to Winterize Your Boat

Likewise, if gasoline is left to sit in an engine during an extended period of disuse, such as the off-season, it will turn to gum and varnish. There is also the danger of condensation forming in the engine, which can help oxidize the gasoline and spoil it. There are two main options for preventing this problem: draining the entire fuel system of fuel for storage, or treating the fuel with a conditioner.

Treating the fuel is the simpler of the two options. Starting with a partially filled tank, it is easy to add the amount of conditioner and stabilizer (such as the 2 plus 4 fuel conditioner) required, and fill up the tank again. Many sources recommend running the treated fuel into the engine prior to the duration of storage. Doing so can insure treated fuel reaches every part of the fuel system, and greatly decrease the risk of build up.

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