American Sailing Association

Written by Jen Nichol
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The American Sailing Association is the go-to resource for all aspects of seamanship. They certify schools and instructors to international standards, so you know that you are getting a world-class sailing education through an ASA-certified program. These across-the-board standards are important for a sport as challenging and ubiquitous as sailing.

The American Sailing Association has created a program of courses that effectively introduce novice, intermediate, and advanced sailors to the next level of skill. Their program starts with sailing basics, proceeds through such classes as Coastal Navigation, and continues on to the pinnacle course of Offshore Passagemaking. Graduates of ASA programs have gone on to sail around the world!

The American Sailing Association Offers a Superior Sailing Program

There are over 270 sailing schools around the world that are ASA certified. The philosophy of the American Sailing Association is that learning to sail can be fun and safe, as opposed to stressful and complicated. ASA schools tend to follow this philosophy closely.

To many "landlubbers," sailing seems to be a sport of privilege, that one needs to be born into. Nothing could be farther from the truth! All can sail, all can learn, and all can greatly expand their horizons by becoming part of this ancient tradition.

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