Bahamas Sailing

Written by Jen Nichol
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Bahamas sailing courses allow one to combine adventure and learning with a great vacation. Islands like St. Thomas offer lush foliage, pristine beaches and turquoise water, an ideal classroom for learning to sail. There are sailing schools located in the Bahamas that are certified by the American Sailing Association, so you can get a top-notch sailing education while experiencing paradise.

Bahamas sailing courses range from beginning to advanced. You can brush up on the basics, or find your place in a course on celestial navigation. These courses offer a great opportunity to check out tropical isles while integrating new skills into your life.

Bahamas Sailing Classes for All Levels

The waters around the Bahamas are excellent for adopting coastal cruising techniques such as chart reading, buoy reading, and moderate-weather procedures. Taking off for a few days on a live-aboard course is also terrific here in this mild climate. The locals are friendly, and there are sailing schools in the Bahamas that are friendlier still, offering a learning environment for people of all skill levels.

There are numerous sailing events in the Bahamas, both competitive and non-competitive. The area attracts boat lovers from far and wide, since the water and the weather appeals to both fair- and foul-weather sailors alike. The Bahamas offer a chance to immerse yourself in coastal culture, and pick up some great sailing experience on the way.

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