Bareboat Chartering Certification

Written by Jen Nichol
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Bareboat chartering covers a number of skills in seamanship. This is the class that is one step more involved than basic sailing. The word "bareboat" means that the boat comes without a crew, and the owners or chartering parties are totally in charge of operations.

In basic sailing courses, aspiring sailors learn such useful skills as sailing and coastal cruising, in daytime, "good-weather" conditions. After you have grasped these basic techniques, your sailing education starts to become more challenging. In a bareboat chartering course, you will also learn more advanced navigation techniques and boat maintenance skills, allowing you to charter a similar boat.

Get Your Bareboat Chartering Certification!

Sailing is all about confidence, but it's not the empty bravado of the basketball court or football field. Confidence in sailing comes from knowing that you have mastered the skills that will keep you and your deck mates safe during your cruise, whether you are island-hopping the Bahamas, or charting a course around the world. These skills are taught by top sailing schools from Rhode Island to St. Thomas.

To become certified, the course you are taking must be approved by the ASA--the American Sailing Association. Having your bareboat chartering certification allows you to charter boats, so that you can enjoy all of the freedom of sailing without having to invest in boat ownership. Having this certification literally expands your horizons. Suddenly, you can travel by both land and sea, at your will and whim.

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