Bareboat Charters

Written by Jamie Carpenter
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Bareboat charters allow for the ultimate in vacation freedom. Provided you've got the experience, you can charter any kind of boat you like and proclaim yourself the proud Skipper of your ship. You can enjoy the freedom to set your own course and cruise at your own pace.

Though you're in charge of your day to day activities, you're not on your own in terms of insider knowledge about the best steals, deals and places to see. Most bareboat charters come complete with detailed information on the best places to shop for provisions, where to rent water activity equipment, plus the best spots for dinner, dancing and shopping.

Bareboat Charters: Finding the One Right for You

The most complicated thing about bareboat charters is knowing which one best suits your needs. Since chances are you won't be flying out in advance to check the boat options out for yourself, it really pays to have a chartering company at your disposal, on whose expertise you can rely.

Boat chartering companies typically have an extensive understanding of your vacation area, and first-hand experience with the boats available for chartering. Using an established, reputable boat chartering company can eliminate days, and possibly weeks, of research on your part. Plus, should you have troubles, or if the boat does not meet your expectations, enlisting a boat charter agent in the first place gives you helpful back-up, and can more easily ensure that you'll find a suitable, preferable replacement.

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