Basic Sailing

Written by Jen Nichol
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Basic sailing courses are a great way to ease into the sport. Many people are unaware that they can learn to sail quickly by attending certified sailing schools. With immersion programs, it is possible to quickly adopt the skills of a sailor, and to gain a sense of confidence and "place" on board a sailboat.

A basic sailing course will teach you wind theory, and the purpose of the main and jib sails. You will also learn to steer, using the tiller, and the phrase, "Tiller towards trouble!" It's a bit counter-intuitive, but this knowledge is quickly picked up in the correct learning environment.

Learn Basic Sailing Skills

Taking sailing courses with other aspiring sailors who are also at your level of knowledge and experience is very empowering. Rather than feeling "in the way" on a boat full of experienced mariners, you can learn at your own pace, as part of a team. Everyone learns best in a supportive and friendly environment, and aspiring sailors are no exception.

Overboard drills and safety procedures are also included in a basic sailing course. The American Sailing Association takes a "safety-first" attitude towards sailing instruction, and they certify schools all over the world. A basic sailing class taken at an ASA-certified sailing school will offer a well-rounded survey of keel boat basics.

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