Boat And Yacht Charters

Written by Jamie Carpenter
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Boat and yacht charters have multiple advantages over vacations spent on large cruise ships. Boat and yacht charters allow more privacy, and more flexibility. There are never any lines, no waiting, and the entire trip is customized to suit your preferences.

Advantages of Boat and Yacht Charters vs. Cruise Ships

On a large cruise ship, the likes and dislikes of thousands of people have to be taken into consideration. Only the most sure-to-please-the-masses trips and activities are offered. You only visit islands and points of interest capable of docking an enormous ship, and of handling the sudden rush of thousands of people.

At mealtimes, you get what they give you, when they decide it's the most convenient for the ship scheduling, and you're encouraged to eat quickly to accommodate the next round of diners. And on many popular cruise ships, only the food is included. Every soft drink, every cocktail, every glass of wine will cost you extra. When travelling with anyone, but particularly children, that really adds up.

On boat and yacht charters, everything is included. Meals are planned specifically with your preferences in mind. You receive individual instruction from your crew for snorkeling and scuba diving. And if you're passing an interesting island that you think might be nice for a quick picnic, the Captain adjusts the direction and takes you right there. Best of all, and most surprising, the costs end up being about the same, and oftentimes, even less expensive. Plus, there are many established boat and charter companies that have first hand knowledge of the boats and their crews. These qualified professionals help match your vacation needs with the exact right vessel, and ensure the island vacation of your dreams becomes a reality.

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