Boating Arresters

Written by Dina Kayed
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One of the most important issues to consider when buying a boat is safety. Avail yourself of all the latest safety technology if at all possible. This is particularly so if you don't have much experience on the water. Boating accidents caused by ignorance or negligence can have a disastrous ending. Taking care of your family by following boating safety regulations is critical.

Heading Off a Common Disaster

Many boat owners have no idea what a boat arrester is. Sometimes called a flame arrester, it is situated on top of the carburetor. Many think it's just there to keep stray objects out of the engine. Some might even think it's just to add to the design! In fact, it's very necessary that you get to know every part of your boat and what it's for. You never know when a tiny bit of knowledge can save someone's life.

All boats using gasoline for power urgently need to be fitted with a flame arrester. Fuel venting vapor could be dangerous if not taken care of properly. What happens is that when a boat is shut down, it tends to vent fuel vapor, especially if the boat was shut down after a high speed trip. The resulting vapor is extremely hot and it goes right into the engine.

If the boat does not have a flame arrester to stop the fuel from igniting, you could end up with a huge disaster on your hands. A flame arrester simply releases the pressure and cools the vented fuel down so the next time you start your boat, it does not explode from an electronic spark, for example. This tiny piece of technology has saved a lot of lives.

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