Bvi Sailing Vacations

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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BVI sailing vacations, also known as British Virgin Islands sailing vacations, are perhaps the best possible way to explore this string of enchanted coral and volcanic islands. Most of these islands are, in fact, reachable only by boat. To best see the majesty of this beautiful part of the world, sailing trips are your best bet.

BVI Sailing Vacations: More Private, Old-World than US Virgin Islands

Though the US Virgin Islands are equally beautiful, the British Virgin Islands are less populated, and more "old Caribbean." This is largely due to the fact that there are no direct flights from the United States. Despite the fact that reaching the BVI from the USVI is a quick and easy trip, much of the tourist throng for the BVI remains at bay, if you will.

As a result, BVI vacations, and BVI sailing vacations in particular, are more laid back. Visitors can enjoy the islands they visit and encounter significantly less crowding. The waters are more open, and therefore, more relaxing and much, much more private.

Though the high-season for BVI sailing vacations is December 15th through April 15th, clear and sparkling water conditions continue through July. Up until the hurricane months of late October through November, the scuba and snorkeling is among the finest in the world. And of course, the warm winds flapping in the sails make relaxing sounds nearly year round.

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