Bvi Yacht Charters

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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BVI yacht charters, or British Virgin Islands yacht charters, are considered by many to be one of the greatest vacation secrets out there. Yacht charters are often much more affordable than people imagine. With a little research, chances are you can find the exact right boat to meet your vacation dreams.

BVI yacht charters are available both in motorized and sailing vessels. Whichever you prefer is entirely up to you. Each has strong reasons to recommend it, and you should consult an established boat chartering service to help you find the right boat that's in the right price range.

BVI Yacht Charters: Your Own Floating Hotel and Activity Paradise

Once you factor in how much hotel, dining, and individual activities will cost on a traditional vacation, you may be surprised to discover that BVI yacht charters often cost the same or possibly less. Plus, with all the advantages that BVI yacht charters offer, you may never consider any other type of vacation. In addition to the greater privacy you have on a yacht charter, you and you alone determine how you spend each and every day. Whether you spend the day snorkeling, fishing, swimming, whale watching, or picnicking on a remote island is completely up to you, not some activity director.

On yacht charters, the food and beverage costs are already included. With the possible exception of scuba and other specialty equipment rental, all activities on the boat are included. And since many of the British Virgin Islands are reachable only by boat, a yacht charter is a lot like a floating hotel, only one that every morning gives you new vistas to discover.

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