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Carburetor Cleaner

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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An important addition to any suite of engine maintenance products is carburetor cleaner. Any gasoline that is left in an engine for an extended period of time will partially evaporate, leaving behind a nasty gum residue. The residue can quickly damage sensitive engine components, especially in the carburetor.

If untreated gasoline is allowed to sit inside the engine, the float valve that controls the flow or fuel into the carburetor can become stuck, and stop fuel from entering the carburetor. It can also jam the valve open, allowing too much fuel to enter carburetor. Inside the carburetor, fuel residue can compress and distort the gaskets and clog the jet, destroying the efficiency of the carburetor.

Using Carburetor Cleaner as Prevention and Treatment

Carefully disassembling your carburetor and soaking all the parts in carburetor cleaner can help remove gasoline residue. After soaking the parts, rinse them with clean water and blow them dry using compressed air to ensure that no residue remains. Handling carburetor components with care, especially around the soft brass of the main jet, can improve not only engine performance, but longevity as well.

Carburetor cleaner is also available as a spray for preventative maintenance. Many carburetor cleaners can be used for cleaning heat risers as well. They are also useful for many tractors, small vehicles, and other 4-stroke engines.

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