Caribbean Sailing

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Caribbean sailing used to be a realizable dream for only the very rich and privileged. However, thanks to the constantly growing numbers of individual boat owners that offer chartered sailing trips, competition is now nice and fierce, making a Caribbean sailing vacation possible for almost anyone.

Caribbean Sailing: The Finest in the World

The waters and general weather conditions make the Caribbean one of the finest sailing areas in the world. The volcanic and coral islands are surrounded by clear, azure blue waters, and are constantly cooled by easterly trade winds, providing ample power for sailing excursions. The clear, cool waters are perfect for diving and snorkeling, and safe, fun swimming.

The islands themselves are very close to one another, and can be reached one to the next within a sailing trip of only a few hours. However, proximity aside, the cultures from one island can differ greatly to the next. When visiting the Virgin Islands in particular, one can feel like they're seeing not only different islands, but different nations from one port-of-call to the next.

Charters for Caribbean sailing come either fully crewed or "bareboat" where you skipper your own ship. If you love the idea of beginning, or improving, your sailing skills, there's no better way than to get hands on experience. Most crews are happy to teach their skills to willing students. Some chartered Caribbean sailing vessels even have daily classes for those that are interested.

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