Caribbean Yacht Charters

Written by Jamie Carpenter
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Caribbean yacht charters provide personal service, gourmet meals, seclusion, relaxation and near-total privacy. Yacht charters are like floating hotels, complete with top-notch staff dedicated to ensuring you have everything you need for your at-sea holiday. And the best advantage is that every morning you awake, your private floating villa can be in a new anchorage, island, or port of call, with fresh landscapes waiting to be explored.

Though your ship's Captain will have plenty of ideas for activities and relaxation, there is no fixed itinerary. He will be ready to advise you about the most private beaches, the most beautiful diving spots, the most exciting, picturesque harbors and ports of call. What you choose to do is entirely up to you. The itinerary of Caribbean yacht charters are always flexible, and you may stay in one place as long, or as briefly, as you prefer.

Meals are also always catered to the tastes of the passengers. Details will be collected prior to departure about likes and dislikes, food favorites, and preferred cooking methods. Chefs know very well that a trip's success can be dependent on the dining experience, and so most prepare culinary wonders day in, day out, to the never ending delight of their happy clientele.

Caribbean Yacht Charters: Fun in the Sun

For the water-sports enthusiast, too, Caribbean yacht charters provide no end of fun water-activity options. Most for-charter boats have plenty of snorkeling, and skiing equipment, the rental of which is often included in the charter price. Fishing is an obvious pastime for those enjoying the crystal blue waters. And, of course, there's always dipping in the ocean for a quick swim for ultimate refreshment. Some charters also have trained Scuba instructors. If you do plan to do diving on your vacation, be sure to call ahead and inquire as to what you'll need to bring. While there are usually plenty of tanks and such, many scuba-equipped ships do request you bring your own wetsuit.

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