Celestial Navigation

Written by Jen Nichol
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Few pursuits are as involved and subtle as sailing. Committed sailors have devoted themselves to widening understanding of what is at once both an art and a skill. The more you know, the safer you will be out on the water, which means greater enjoyment for everyone involved.

Celestial navigation is one of the truest and most traditional skills of the real sailor. Knowing how to chart and keep a course using stars and planets is what lends sailors that added bit of confidence, knowing that they need not totally rely on instruments and maps. Learning the skills of Magellan, Columbus, and Ponce de Leon can bring a thrill to both aspiring seafarers and those who have relied for years on instrumentation to chart a course.

Celestial navigation is taught, efficiently and effectively, by the best sailing schools. You need basic sailing skills and some mathematical knowledge to really grasp the fundamentals of this type of navigation. However, people love to learn to chart by the sun and stars, finding it a fun and integral part of the grand ocean-going tradition.

Learn Celestial Navigation

If you are interested in learning celestial navigation, it's important to seek out a truly qualified instructor. By going through an ASA certified school, you can be sure that you are learning everything you'll need. The American Sailing Association works hard to create usable yet challenging standards, and the schools they approve must uphold those standards.

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