Couples Sailing Lessons

Written by Jen Nichol
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Since sailing is a sport that is very difficult to do alone, and infinitely more enjoyable when done with a good friend, couples sailing lessons make great sense. There are sailing schools that offer fun, hands-on sailing classes for couples, parents and children, and even corporate teams. It's good to learn to work together, and the sun and surf make for a great experience.

The right sailing school will really emphasize the skills of sailing. They should not simply give the students a great day out on the glorious Atlantic. They should want, hope, and expect you to learn!

The Fun of Couples Sailing Lessons!

Well-thought-out courses will be stair-stepped into modules from beginning to advanced, from basic sailing to celestial navigation. This means that advanced students will not be mixed in with beginning students, so that novices can learn in a supportive environment. A good school will take in enthusiasts and graduate sailors, but address their unique needs individually.

Couples sailing lessons offer a lot more than just a chance to get out on the water. Sailing is a metaphor for life, and for couple-hood, necessitating total commitment and teamwork. The safety and comfort of every sailor relies on his or her deck mates, and the absolute need to leave one's ego back on the shore. In this way, sailing is not only a fun outing, it's a chance to bond with your partner.

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