Edelbrock Marine Carburetors

Written by Dina Kayed
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Carburetors provide boats with just the right mixture of vaporized fuel and air for the engine to work optimally. It is essential that all marine engines be fitted with a suitable carburetor so that they can give the best performance and prevent gas wastage. An inefficient carburetor can lead to high fuel bills and sluggish engine performance.

Reliable Carburetors
There are many different manufacturers of marine carburetors. Edelbrock marine carburetors are an excellent choice. They are made of aluminum, which cuts back tremendously on the problem of rust so common with marine engines. They are solid and reliable, and you can expect them to remain trouble-free for a long time. If you do have trouble with your carburetor, make sure it's not something simple before you go ahead and replace the whole thing.

If the metering rods of your carburetor should ever need to be changed, you will find it very easy to do so. It's not even necessary to take the whole carburetor out to do this repair job. You can simply change them with the carburetor in place. There are two types; the first has a manual choke for those that enjoy the old way of doing things, and the other has an electric choke. You also do not have to drain the carburetor to replace the seat or the needle.

With a make of carburetor such as the Edelbrock, you can be confident that you are more than meeting the coast guard safety regulations regarding the safety of all passengers and the well being of the boat. You can also purchase Edelbrock marine carburetor accessories, such as high flow needles and seats, pump plungers, gasket kits, inlet fittings and more.

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