Electronic Ignition Systems

Written by Dina Kayed
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The marine environment can be tough at times. Boats need to be properly equipped for protection against the elements. One critical mode of protection for your boat is to install a good ignition system. If the ignition system fails, it can turn an enjoyable cruise into a crisis.

Keeping It Clean

Plug fouling is a common problem routinely faced by many boat owners. It happens because carbon has insufficient temperature to burn away, so it gradually builds up. This problem can profoundly affect the performance of your boat. A good electronic ignition system will prevent plug fouling and give you many more hours of happy sailing.

Ignition systems can be affected by water. The new electronic ignition systems are water resistant, and impervious to harmful chemical substances. They are designed with safety standards in mind, and are guaranteed to perform. Easier starting is just one of the advantages of electronic ignition systems. When it takes less time and effort to get your boat started, you can remain calm and enjoy the ride.

Fuel economy is a major issue when it comes to choosing ignition systems. Electronic ignition systems tend to be more sparing with fuel than non-electronic ignition systems. Mechanical ignition systems waste a lot of fuel when starting a boat. Marine engines often do not have a long life because marine ignition systems commonly clog up. Electronic ignitions systems pose no such problems.

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