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Engine Tuner

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Engine care products, such as engine tuner, are an important part of regular preventative maintenance. Many are designed for use with any 2- or 4-cycle engine, including recreational boats, lawn mowers, and ATVs. Periodic use of a small amount of engine tuner can help increase the life of your engine, reduce repairs, and generally make boating more enjoyable.

Some engine tuners are liquids that are meant to bee added to an engine through the fuel tank. A few ounces of fluid added to a full tank of gas circulates through the entire fuel system. Once in the engine, tuners and fuel stabilizers work to prevent the build up of carbon, gum, and varnish that can be left behind when gasoline evaporates.

Other tuners are spray tuners, and are applied to the engine through the carburetor intake. Simply spraying the tuner into the engine is great for quick maintenance before hitting the water. For winterizing your boat, fuel stabilizer used with fogging oil and a full tank of gas can reduce the amount of residue that can form from unused gas sitting idle in the engine.

Winterizing With Engine Tuner

Using a tuner or fuel stabilizer is only part of the winterization process. Flushing the engine with clean water using a flush kit, flush muffs, or a similar device, and letting the engine drain is also recommended. Other important points for effectively winterizing your boat include changing the gear oil, and lubricating the propeller shaft and threads with a water resistant grease. Be sure to remove the propeller before beginning maintenance of any kind, and attach a flush kit to the engine if you plan on running it out of water, even if only for a few minutes.

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