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Evinrude Fuel Pump

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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When repairing Evinrude systems, it is best to use genuine Evinrude parts, including Evinrude fuel pumps, ignition modules, and oil pumps. For Evinrude motors with fuel injection systems, the fuel pump provides a blast of fuel direct to the engine. For all vehicles without a fuel injection system, the fuel pump provides the link from the tank to the carburetor, insuring a smooth and constant flow of fuel into the engine.

In general, less than 10 psi of pressure is required to push fuel into the engine from the carburetor. From there, air rushing into the engine sucks the fuel out of the bowl and into the chamber, where it can combust and drive the pistons. Compared to fuel pumps for fuel injection engines, fuel pumps for carburetor-equipped engines do very little; the vacuum created by the incoming air does most of the work.

Evinrude fuel pumps are available from many vendors, including online marine parts dealers, boating equipment stores, and other used or classified items sites. There are many online resources for determining what kind of Evinrude fuel pump matches your fuel system. Based on the model number and year of your Evinrude engine, you can determine the best fuel pump for your needs.

Direct Injection: The New Evinrude Fuel Pump System

Some Evinrude engines are powered by the Direct injection, or D.I., fuel injection technology. Controlled by a computer, a single injector shoots fuel into the engine's combustion chamber at pressures as high as 250 psi. The fuel is atomized under the intense pressure, combusting instantly and delivering a high degree of torque, while economizing fuel usage.

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