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Evinrude Ignition Module

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Most people will recommend using an Evinrude ignition module when replacing parts on an Evinrude boat. Ignition modules that are designed specifically for marine use are engineered to withstand the conditions that high performance boats are routinely subject to. Boats and marine equipment must be able to withstand intense shock, vibration, temperature, and resist degradation from salt spray as well.

Evinrude ignition modules, like most ignition modules, operate fairly simply, and are easy to repair or replace. Evinrude ignition modules and components are available from many online marine parts dealers, as well as from boating information sites. If there seems to be a problem with the ignition system, there are a few basic troubleshooting procedures to follow before you replace the whole system.

Basic Troubleshooting for an Evinrude Ignition Module

If the key clicks solidly in the ignition, check the wires and terminals on the ignition switch to make sure they are tightly joined and free of corrosion. If the ignition switch appears to be in good shape, it probably is. Next, use a voltmeter to check the positive side of the ignition coil. There should be an 11 or 12-volt charge.

There is also the possibility of a faulty connection in the distributor, or of an incorrect timing setting. Depending on the age of your boat, it may use either a conventional distributor or an electronic ignition, also known as an HEI system. Spark plugs and plug wires should also be checked at least once every season for wear or worn insulation.

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