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Evinrude Oil Pump

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Marine oil pumps, such as Evinrude oil pumps, are a fast and easy way to change the oil on a marine engine. Like every vehicle, changing the engine oil on a boat is a necessary chore. Using the right tools, however, it can be accomplished quickly, and without hassle or danger to the environment.

Oil pumps like the Evinrude oil pump usually attach to the drain hose of your boat via a small, threaded connector. Once attached, it generally takes between 10 and 15 minutes to drain the oil from your boat. Running the boat for a little while before draining can help speed up the process.

Some people prefer to change the engine oil after a day out with boat. After running though the engine for a few hours, the oil is warm enough to drain quickly, and can even be hooked to an Evinrude oil pump and drained overnight. If you want to warm the engine oil without taking the boat out, be sure to have a water supply feeding into the impeller, and to disconnect the propeller before running the boat.

Purchasing an Evinrude Oil Pump

There are a many different varieties of oil pump available. Some are designed to help drain and fill oil for many different kinds of vehicles, not just boats. Marine fuel pumps are available from boating supply stores and online parts vendors, and multi-purpose oil pumps can be found at most hardware and automotive stores.

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