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Evinrude Outboard Coils

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Ignition systems on Evinrude boats should generally be serviced using Evinrude outboard coils. In many cases, replacement ignition system parts may not fit on engines unless the manufacturer of both the engine and part is the same. An Evinrude engine manual or other information from the manufacturer can help you find what kind of Evinrude outboard coils may be suitable for your boat.

Evinrude outboard coils are important components of an Evinrude ignition system. Once the ignition switch is activated (usually by a key), electricity flows to the ignition coil, where it is stored and amplified. From the coil, the electricity is sent through a distributor to the spark plugs, which fire in sequence to drive the engine.

For some engine problems, simply troubleshooting the ignition system may be able to help you pinpoint the problem, saving time and money on repairs or replacements. If your motor doesn't seem to be receiving any electricity, the terminals on the ignition coil may be damaged, or the wire may be corroded. If a voltmeter doesn't show register a signal when touched to the positive terminal on the coil, the coil may be damaged.

Purchasing Evinrude Outboard Coils

Product literature from the manufacturer is the main guide to finding what kind of coil works with your ignition system. There are also many online boating resource pages dedicated to presenting that information. Online marine parts vendors usually stock a range of coils, and offer quick shipping and knowledgeable sales staff as well.

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