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Evinrude Outboard Pistons

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Damage to Evinrude outboard pistons can come from many sources. Regular gasoline can age, leading to a build up of carbon and varnish on the piston, which can reduce performance. The best prevention for carbon build-up is generally a fuel additive such as Engine Tuner.

Evinrude outboard pistons can also scorch under some circumstances. Problems with lean carburetors can cause the cylinder to fire too hot, and scorch the walls and the piston. Other causes of burned pistons are mistimed spark plugs or problems with the head gaskets.

Problems with piston rings can also damage both the piston and the cylinder. If a piston ring is worn down enough to escape it's housing, it can break and travel through the exhaust system of the engine. Similarly serious damage may require a new bore in the cylinder and fitting an oversize piston to the new bore.

Finding Evinrude Outboard Pistons

Using Evinrude outboard pistons in Evinrude engines guarantees a perfect fit. If you are rebuilding an engine, or need to replace the pistons in your Evinrude engine, your best bet may be to find an authorized parts dealer and discuss which pistons or piston kits suit your engine. Online vendors offer in-depth information and product literature to help you find the right parts.

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