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Evinrude Parts Catalogs

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Evinrude parts catalogs and service manuals are the main sources of information pertaining to Evinrude boats. They contain important, detailed, hard-to-find information pertaining to the many lines of Evinrude products. They are commonly available from authorized Bombardier vendors.

Evinrude parts catalogs are usually coupled with the service manuals to form a complete Evinrude reference guide. In most cases, the parts catalog and service manual are specific to a single type of Evinrude boat, though in some cases, similar boats might be grouped together. For example, the 1964 Evinrude 75 hp boat fills its own catalog, but there are Evinrude parts catalogs available that collect all of the information for many of the boats from 1973 to 1990 into a single volume.

Vintage outboard enthusiasts covet older "antique" Evinrude parts catalogs, too. In many cases, older parts are still available from the manufacturer, but can be difficult to obtain without the correct part number. Moreover, older parts catalogs are becoming collector's items in their own right.

Aftermarket Evinrude Parts Catalogs

Some companies produce manuals that document complete teardowns of many different engines. Such manuals cover everything from basic maintenance to wiring and servicing. Aftermarket manuals are handy for quick reference and product comparisons, but generally aren't considered genuine Evinrude products.

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