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Evinrude Piston Rings

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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If you use an Evinrude engine in your boat, it may be a good idea to use genuine Evinrude piston rings when replacing your old piston rings. Piston rings are generally pretty hearty, but they can leak, crack, or become scorched under high temperatures or other extreme conditions. Genuine Evinrude piston rings are made specifically for Evinrude pistons and cylinders and are available from Evinrude dealers.

Damaged piston rings can be the source of many perplexing engine problems. For example, engines that perform when given throttle but will not idle may be suffering from a loss of compression due to a damaged piston ring. Similar problems may be to blame in other cases where performance seems to be suffering. Loss of compression in the cylinder is synonymous with a drop in efficiency, and a noticeable decrease in engine output.

In extreme cases, damaged piston rings can crack and break, inflicting other damage on the piston and the cylinder. The bottom edge of a ring may wear down, loosening the ring in the ring land. The ring may then break free of the ring land, break, and travel through parts of the exhaust system.

Purchasing Evinrude Piston Rings

Evinrude products are available from many different marine parts supplies and outboard supply shops. Online parts vendors also stock a wide range of products, and sometimes include product compatibility information on their website. Evinrude parts catalogs and manuals can also provide you with information regarding the product numbers of Evinrude piston rings, as well as the numbers of other parts and components for your engine.

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