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Evinrude Power Packs

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Evinrude power packs deliver timed charges to power coils so that they spark correctly. Some older Evinrude power packs have specific testing procedures. Many recent power packs, however, are fully computerized, making them difficult to test and troubleshoot.

If you are troubleshooting a power pack, it is important to make sure all of the supportive circuitry is in good shape. Since the power pack is essentially part of the ignition system, it may be good idea to check the ignition coil, as well as the trigger coil and the charge coil voltage. Also, checking the wires and terminals for loose connections or corrosion can eliminate many possible sources of power failure.

If there is no spark on any cylinder, the power pack may have been shorted out by a weakening ignition switch. Damaged or aging ignition switches can create weak resistance between certain terminals, tricking the power pack into the off position. Replacing your old ignition switch with a new Evinrude ignition module can solve this problem.

Purchasing Evinrude Power Packs

Evinrude parts catalogs and service manuals can tell you which Evinrude power packs are suitable for your boat. If you do not have access to a parts catalog, contacting an online outboard forum or a parts supplier can usually yield some helpful results. Evinrude parts suppliers can also help you purchase genuine parts and give you information on repairing and replacing those parts.

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