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Evinrude Shop Manuals

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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The primary reference materials for Evinrude engine owners who want to undertake repairing their engine are Evinrude shop manuals. Manuals and parts catalogs contain complete information regarding specific Evinrude products. Evinrude shop manuals are usually organized by model year and engine size.

Most engine manuals, Evinrude or not, are structured around common engine maintenance and repair practices. General cleaning is usually covered, along with detailed notes on the disassembly of engine parts. In Evinrude shop manuals, the list of parts used in the engine are arrayed with information about the part numbers and compatibility information.

Elsewhere in Evinrude manuals is data about certain electrical requirements and other technical reference information. For example, parts like the rectifier regulator may be listed with information about the required peak voltage, giving garage mechanics all the information they need to make repairs and simple replacements. When ordering parts for replacements, using the product numbers as described in the manual can insure that you are getting the correct part, designed specifically for your Evinrude engine.

Other Uses for Evinrude Shop Manuals

There is a market for older, vintage outboard engine parts, and because they list every part made by Evinrude old shop manuals make valuable tools for collectors. In fact, some older engine components may still be available from the manufacturer, and can easily be ordered, as long as you know the correct product information. Also, the manuals themselves have become collector's items, and are actively traded and sold on online auction and vintage goods sites.

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