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Evinrude Spark Plugs

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Evinrude spark plugs, for use in Evinrude 2- and 4-cycle engines, are small but important pieces of a working motor. If a spark plug is damaged, there is the possibility that a cylinder in the engine will not fire. Without an explosion in the cylinder from Evinrude spark plugs, the engine output decreases dramatically.

On all 2- and 4-stroke engines, the explosion in the cylinder is the result of the top of the piston moving close to the spark plug. During that power stoke, the air and fuel mixture in the cylinder is compressed above the piston, and ignited by the spark form the plug. The exploding air and fuel mixture forces the piston down, generating power to drive the vehicle.

In Evinrude engines with fuel injection systems, the fuel is sprayed into the cylinder under immense pressure, where it joins with air from the intake. Because the mix is under such intense compression, the explosion, triggered by the Evinrude spark plugs, is much quicker and more potent than in traditional fuel intake systems. Also, because the incoming fuel is atomized, and traces cleared away by the incoming clean air, the cylinder is left a lot cleaner as well.

Buying Evinrude Spark Plugs

Online marine parts dealers usually stock a wide range of marine parts, from many different manufacturers. Evinrude products, including oil pumps, Evinrude outboard coils, and piston rings, and available, as well as reference materials such as shop manuals and parts catalogs. There are also resources available online, especially at outboard enthusiast forums, for finding the compatible components and part numbers for your engine.

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