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Evinrude Thermostats

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Evinrude thermostats are part of the all-important cooling system of an Evinrude engine. The thermostat on many outboard engines is in the lower part of the outside water cover, and receives flow from the water pump impeller. Water then travels to the head, where it helps cool the engine under normal operation.

If a marine thermostat appears damaged, there in a simple test that you can perform to see whether or not it may truly be damaged. The first step is to check the temperature gauge on the boat. If it is possible that the temperature gauge is damaged, it can save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run to check the temperature gauge against an accurate thermometer.

Quick Functionality Tests for Evinrude Thermostats

Next, it is important to double check and make sure the thermostats in your engine are the proper thermostats for that engine. If you have access to the genuine Evinrude parts catalog or service manual for your engine, you should be able to quickly check the part number of the thermostat and verify its suitability for your engine. Evinrude Thermostats are available from authorized parts dealers and marine equipment suppliers.

If the temperature gauge seems to be working properly, and the Evinrude thermostats are the proper thermostats for your engine, try holding the thermostat by its flanges and partially submerge it in hot water. Check the thermostat for a temperature number on its side. At this temperature, the thermostat should begin to open, and close again if it is immersed in cold water.

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