Flame Arresters

Written by Dina Kayed
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Any system employing any kind of chemical or gas is prone to the possibility of an explosion. Any boat with an engine needs to be equipped with a device that can prevent disaster. Flame arresters have been designed especially for this task. They prevent gas from igniting, and at the same time, help it to disperse safely.

Dousing Flames

Personal safety is always high on the list of issues that manufacturers take into consideration when developing their products. They are often an important source of consumer safety tips and provide valuable information on how to use their products efficiently. Even their considerable efforts to maximize personal safety will not be effective, however, if the consumer is not willing to learn. Amazingly, many boat owners have no idea what a flame arrester is, or how to use one if necessary.

Flame arresters can be used as an individual device or as a part of a larger system. How it is used will depend on the size and requirements of the boat. Larger boats, or those with more powerful engines, will require more complicated flame arrester systems. Basically a flame arrester is designed to extinguish any flame that might occur in the system due to gas flow. Since pressure waves are bound to occur, they are designed to absorb those as well.

It is critical that a flame arrester should be installed correctly. This project should always be undertaken by an experienced person who knows what to do. Any slight mistake could easily cost someone his or her life. Safety precautions are not a joke; always keep yours and every one's safety your number one priority.

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