Florida Sailing Charters

Written by Jen Nichol
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Ft. Lauderdale is ideally placed to take advantage of Florida sailing charters. You may want a crewed yacht, or you may want to charter a bareboat so that you can be the skipper. Either way, in this area, you are close to a number of top sailing destinations.

The Florida Keys are storied, mysterious, and beautiful. They are only a half day from Ft. Lauderdale, and provide infinite opportunities to explore. The Bahamas and the American Riviera are also in the same general area, offering a unique chance to "go with the flow!" If you are looking for a sailing charter in Florida, these are ideal locations to visit.

The Freedom of Florida Sailing Charters

After choosing a location, you will need to decide what kind of trip and vessel you want. A crewed yacht is all about you calling the shots. You needn't do the work of getting there, but you can decide when and where you and your family and friends want to go. This is a unique way to explore the Atlantic Ocean and islands at your own pace, without any of the cruise-ship mentality.

Bareboat charters, on the other hand, are for experienced sailors who haven't a boat of their own in this area. You can take command of the craft of your choice, whether standard or catamaran, and sail at your leisure. This is a great opportunity to enjoy "ownership" of a craft without any of the hassle of upkeep, winter storage fees, or registration.

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