Florida Sailing Schools

Written by Jen Nichol
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Sailing is a sport of skill, intelligence, intuition, and competence. The thrills are unbeatable, but errors on the water can be costly, necessitating strong nautical skills and a high level of confidence in every sailor, regardless of gender or age. A good school will ensure that every student is actively learning and really integrating superior technique.

Finding the best sailing schools takes a bit of know-how, though. After all, not all Florida sailing schools offer the same level of on-the-water education. Some are content to let the instructors rig, and the students "ride," thinking that simply watching is an effective learning technique. The right sailing school, however, will know that hands-on is the best way to gain a sense of mastery on the waves.

The American Sailing Association recognizes various levels of seamanship in sailing. Look for a school that offers programs that encompass all levels of the ASA program. These classes will include basic sailing, basic coast cruising, bareboat chartering, coastal navigation, and even offshore passagemaking!

Information on Florida Sailing Schools

Some learning resources will have schools in such areas as Ft. Lauderdale, Newport, and even in the U.S. Virgin Island of St. Thomas. All along the Atlantic seaboard are real opportunities to become part of the East Coast sailing tradition. Every sail is an adventure, whether you are a beginner in Boston Harbor, or an experienced wayfarer navigating your way around the Solomon Islands, and there are instructors out there to help sailors of every level pursue excellence.

In many coastal and lakeside towns, there exist local yacht and sailing clubs. Rather than being exclusive, these clubs tend to welcome everyone interested in boating, whether seasoned sailor or novice. These yacht clubs welcome new members to their social activities, sailboat races, and other get-togethers. This is a prime opportunity to meet others in your community, and to build on the sailing education you get from an ASA-certified school.

Sailing Is Healthy!

With so much emphasis lately on getting away from the television and getting more exercise, people are searching for activities the whole family can take part in. Sailing is just such a sport. Kids can learn the ropes quickly, and learning to sail lends confidence and self-esteem to everyone.

Sailing is one of the few sports, like golf, that can be taken up at any age. To enjoy oneself on the water takes confidence and intelligence, rather than muscles and vigor. Your sailing school should be able to prove to you that you no doubt have what it takes to be competent at sail and tiller.

Sailing is a healthy hobby and a great way to experience life on a deeper level. Getting out onto the water makes workaday cares diminish in size. Families and friends become closer, and learn to work together successfully. A top school can show anyone how to bring this added dimension into their lives, in a fun and friendly manner.

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