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Fuel Systems Cleaner

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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For regular engine maintenance, many sources recommend using a quality fuel additive such as fuel systems cleaner. There are harsh impurities in gasoline that, if left, can cause build-up and gum residue to form in the fuel system. These deposits can gum up injectors, intake valves, and nearly every part of the fuel system.

Fuel systems cleaner is a strong product that can both clean deposits in the fuel system as well as prevent them from forming. If you have been running untreated gasoline though the engine, there may already be residue building up on the inside. Mixing 12 oz. or so of fuel systems cleaner with 12 gallons of gas may be able to remove deposits that have formed in your fuel lines or valves.

Fuel conditioners can also keep residue from forming in the fuel system. Good fuel conditioners, or fuel stabilizers, will prevent varnish or gum build up in the engine, and remove any moisture that may have developed from condensation. This makes fuel stabilizers a popular product for effective boat winterization.

Choosing a Fuel Systems Cleaner

There are many manufactures of fuel systems cleaner available. Online boating forums often have reviews of various fuel additives, and are a good place to check out other boaters' opinions about certain products. Cleaners, stabilizers, and conditioners are available from many marine parts suppliers and boating supply stores.

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