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Gearcase Lubricant

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Quality gearcase lubricant can be the easiest way to keep your gearcase running smoothly, with minimal maintenance. If damaged, the gearcase can be an expensive item to replace, keeping you and your boat from the water. Using a good gearcase lubricant can reduce the strain on the gearcase, enabling it to perform flawlessly during every use.

Gearcase lubricant is specially formulated to extend bearing and gear life by reducing heat build-up. Some lubricants have lower viscosities than normal, making them ideal for use in colder weather, as well. Evinrude/ Johnson, makers of many different marine engines and products, make a high performance lubricant that offers these qualities.

Comparing Gearcase Lubricant and Other Available Lubricants

Though gearcase lubricant can reduce the strain on a boat's gearcase, other types of lubricant may be more suited to other tasks. Recently, fully waterproof grease has become available to boaters. Waterproof grease is a perfect choice for marine uses, especially for high exposure areas such as propeller shafts and control cables.

Silicon spray is another type of lubricant, and is useful for lubricating parts such as winches and belts. Common applications include treating ignition systems and terminals on ignition coils and batteries. It both minimizes corrosion and helps waterproof these fragile parts and connections.

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