Greece Luxury Yachts

Written by Jamie Carpenter
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Greece luxury yachts draw to mind high-style images of Jackie O. in sunglasses and clam-diggers, a mimosa in one hand. There's something perfectly glamorous about the combination of the white cliffs and azure waters. It suggests affluence, civilization, and just the right touch of elegant, yet casual sophistication.

Earth, Sand, Water, Ouzo

Just being in Greece on holiday suggests luxury, but when you visit this island nation in Greece luxury yachts, that experience is taken to a new level. The crew of your personal floating oasis takes you from island to island, informs you of the history of each, and then ensures that your dining and recreational pleasures are fully attended to.

Imagine dining on your Greece luxury yacht, just off the shores of Delos, the "sacred island" where by law no man is allowed to spend the night. The bright moon would dance off the white linen and the white cliffs, The silence of the nightly uninhabited island would be broken only by your quiet laughter and the sound of dolphins splashing about the boat.

There are over 2,00O Grecian islands, each perfect for exploration and personal discovery. Your ship's Captain can give you a history of each, and help you make the decision which to visit each day. And for those days when you want to just splash around, your helpful crew will be fully attentive to scuba instruction, or if you prefer, just attend to handling that evening's gourmet meal under the stars.

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