High Performance Flame Arresters

Written by Dina Kayed
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Flame arresters are critically important for the safety of any boat with an engine. They basically keep the engine from blowing up. When boats are turned off, the heat produces fuel vapors, which go right into the engine, where they remain until the next time you start the ignition. If you do not have a flame arrester, the next time the boat is switched on it most likely will cause a spark that will ignite these fuel vapors and destroy the boat.

Staying Safe

The type of flame arrester your boat needs depends on the size of the boat and its performance. The bigger the boat, or the higher the speed it is capable of, the bigger the flame arrester needs to be. High performance flame arresters are usually made of stainless steel, which resists rusting. They have a non-restrictive air flow, which prevents pressure from building up inside the engine.

A high performance flame arrester is called so because it actually increases the horsepower of the boat. It smooths the air coming into the engine, and as a result, less friction is generated allowing higher speeds. A flame arrester is capable of withstanding the worst that nature can throw at it in the form of moisture and the salty sea water. A flame arrester will protect your engine, as well as prevent explosions.

In most areas, coast guard regulations are strictly enforced, and they make a point of keeping boat owners up to date on safety regulations. High performance flame arresters are the result of the latest technological developments aimed at safety concerns. They are robust to the degree that they are sometimes described as indestructible. They are also resistant to engine backfire and extreme vibrations.

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