High Performance Marine Parts

Written by Dina Kayed
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If you own a boat, it is well worth learning as much as you can about the parts of a marine craft, particularly the engine. You never know when your boat might need spare parts, but when it happens, you will be in a better position to deal with the problem quickly if you have a little knowledge of what's involved. Apart from the engine, other parts that break down are the transmission, heat exchanger, and exhaust manifolds, in addition to other functional parts.

Keeping Up Performance

Marine transmissions are prone to malfunction, and yours will probably eventually need to be fixed at some time or another. At the very least, it will need cleaning. To clean out a transmission unit, you should use mineral spirits solution as it will clean without causing it to rust. A skilled technician might disassemble it to evaluate the damage and point out the worn out parts. Some parts might be modified at this point to provide better performance. For example, additional clutch plates could be added to provide the boat with increased clutch ability.

Fuel filters are another possible addition to help your boat perform well. They filter the fuel before it goes into the engine. Pure fuel helps keep the engine in good shape for longer. Impurities will clog the engine with time, and as a result, the boat will not be able to achieve high speeds.

An exhaust turbulator can also help to preserve your engine because it stops water from seeping into the engine. When water finds its way into the engine, it can cause a great deal of damage, particularly rusting electrical failure. An exhaust terbulator works by creating turbulence when water comes near the engine to move it back to the main stream.

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